Privacy Scandal: Question Period September 26, 2010 to the Prime Minister

Hon. Jack Layton (Toronto—Danforth, NDP):

I would like to turn to another very troubling report that we read about today. Sean Bruyea, an advocate on behalf of veterans, a veteran himself who served this country, found out that the Conservatives have been rooting around in his private medical records. That is contrary not to only decency but to the law. We found that the Minister of Veterans Affairs was trying to find out about medical appointments.

Will the minister stand in his place and apologize today?


Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, let us be clear about the facts. It appears that certain private information regarding this individual had been widely circulating in the bureaucracy and, by the way, before this government came to office.

That is completely unacceptable. Canadians take the privacy laws extremely seriously, especially for those who have served our country in uniform.

I understand the Privacy Commissioner is looking into matters such as this. The Privacy Commissioner will receive nothing but the full co-operation of this government to ensure that these kinds of things do not happen again.