Sean in the Media

Sean was first quoted in the media during his service as a Canadian Air Force Intelligence Officer during the first Persian Gulf War of 1990-91. It was not until 1999, three years after his release from the Canadian Forces that Sean began to advocate for the rights of disabled veterans, soldiers and their families. Since that time, Sean has been quoted more than 200 different instances by all national and most regional print, television and radio media. International media including the Washington Post and The (Scotland) Sunday Post have also sought Sean’s perspective on issues pertaining to casualties of military service.

More recently, Sean has begun to advocate for change to the way Canada’s government operates and especially in how the bureaucracy deals inappropriately with those who would “speak truth unto power”, more commonly known as whistleblowers.

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Sean Quoted in Scholarly Works

At War With Metaphor: Media, Propaganda and Racism in the War on Terrorism, Erin Steuter and Debra Wills, Lexington Books, 2008, pp. 163-164.