Advocacy Areas to be Pursued and Compiled in the Future

Military and Veterans Issues

  •  Transition from the Military culture to civilian life
  • The meaning and implications of military service and sacrifice
  • Ombudsman for Veterans Affairs
  • Social Contract
  • New Veterans’ Charter and the lump sum
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Psychological Injuries
  • Unfair Deductions from Disabled Soldiers Disability Income (SISIP LTD)
  • Kuwait Medal
  • Gulf War and complex illnesses and injuries of war and military service
  • Ethics and the care of the wounded


Government Accountability    

  • Whistleblowing
  • Reprisals and Government Techniques to Prevent Freedom of Expression
  • Ethics and
  • Related Federal Government Systemic Problems

 This section will provide a compiliation of material focussing upon fact-based work produced in the area of  the following:

1) Care, treatment and rehabilitation of serving and retired Canadian Forces members and their families

2) Improving government accountability, transparency and operations

3) Protecting those who would tell truth to power including whistleblowers