Vets Ombudsman Follow-up: CBC AS IT HAPPENS

CBC AS IT HAPPENS-August 18, 2010 Duration: 00:08:12

One Canadian war veteran put it this way: “When we need it most… we’re kind of hung out to dry and left on our own.”

He and other veterans gathered at a news conference yesterday to voice their disappointment that their ombudsman was losing his job.

Last night on As It Happens, that man — Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran — shared his irritation in dealing with what he called a “deceptive bureaucracy.”

Sean Bruyea is familiar with that bureaucracy. He’s a retired intelligence officer from the first Gulf War and he’s a long-time advocate of disabled veterans. He was also instumental in establishing the veterans ombudsman’s position. We reached Mr. Bruyea in Ottawa. (Click on Part 1 at top of page)