About the Website

This website is an open and public resource. Its intention is to provide a compilation of not just the work of Sean Bruyea but a collection of material related to issues concerning injured serving and retired Canadian military and their families. As well, the website provides some insight into improving government, especially at the federal level. Material is also present which honours those who work hard to improve these areas as well as providing useful links to other related resources.

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Sean Bruyea’s Report of Recommendations to House Standing Committee on VAC 

About Sean Bruyea

Captain Sean Bruyea, retired, is one of Canada’s leading experts and advocates for the rights of injured Canadian Forces members, disabled veterans and their families. His work has spanned over two decades assisting veterans, veterans’ organizations and government.

He is recognized as a “go-to” resource by Canada’s media and appears frequently on TV, Radio and in print, always standing up for the concerns of Canada’s serving soldiers, veterans and their families.

Sean is also a well-published writer, speaker, academic contributor, and author with over 100 articles appearing throughout Canada’s written media. Quite simply if Canada’s soldiers are willing to sacrifice so much for Canada, Canada’s government should be willing to stand up for those in military uniform who sacrifice so much in Canada’s name.

His work with government Canadians for Accountability helps shine a much-needed spotlight of truth on government maladministration and incompetence.


Feature Article on Sean Bruyea’s Whistleblowing Experience